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  1. Rasmi Ranjan Nayak

    Sorry friends,
    I know the above format is not looking good.
    Because this article was previously posted in knol.com.
    As you all know knol.com is going to be closed by March/April-2012.
    So all my articles were migrated from knol.com to wordpress.com..
    Please let me know how to improve the format and all.

    Thanks for visiting my article.
    I hope this might be helpful for you.

    Thanks Again
    And All The Very Best

  2. Robby Velk

    I see something really interesting about your blog so I saved to favorites .

  3. ravikant

    u have explained in lucid manner..thanks rasmi..and plz keep sharing ur valuable knowledge

  4. Raghav

    Hello Rasmi..i want to ask you one thing off the topic..

    I want to write a program which will inform me when USB is connected/disconnected. Read data from USB stick and all. Please guide me how can I do that. Are there any references online or something?


    • Rasmi Ranjan Nayak

      Hi Raghav, there are some good linux articles in the website which talks a bout USB connection/disconnection. Please go through.

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