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Volatile Keyword in Embedded System

Volatile Variable in C language

Volatile variable – C Language Context : C Language Hello Friends, I think, you might have heard of Volatile keyword in programming languages. But, when it comes to writing code especially in Embedded programming the use of “volatile” keyword is very often. But now the question is, What is it (volatile)? What it does? Why […]

Automotive Diagnostic Services

Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS)

An automobile as we know it was not invented in a single day by a single inventor. It is more than an engine and a body; it is a complex machine that has undergone over a century of evolution. Over the years we have seen a constant stream of innovations and improvements in engine design. We have seen the advent of 4 wheel brakes, fuel injection and the automatic transmission.
Detecting a failure in this complex machine would be a tedious task. However, most of the vehicles today include computers (Electronic Control Unit (ECU)), which monitors several sensors, located throughout the engine, fuel and exhaust systems. When the computer system of the car detects a fault, two things are supposed to happen/monitored. First, a warning light on the dashboard is set, to inform the driver that a problem exists. Second the code is recorded in the computer’s memory (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) so that it can later be retrieved by a technician for diagnosis and repair….

The Stop Start or Idle Stop Mechanism or Functionality

The Automotive SAS or Idle Stop Functionality in Automotive (CAR)

Day-By-Day the world becomes Global Warming, Fuel and Emission conscious. In India, the fuel price is increasing extravagantly (in fact every month), now the question is how to save fuel and control global warming without shedding or troubling our everyday life style? So, the answer is contrive some technology which will Stop your engine when you are fetching Red Signal (City Traffic Signal) and Start your engine when green signal turns on.

Automotive Embedded Question

Embedded C, Control Area Network (CAN), CANAlyzer, CANoe, RTOS, ARM, Operating System, Interrupt Interview Questions


Hello All, I hope these questions will help you on understanding Embedded C, CAN, CANAlyzer, CANoe,RTOS, ARM, Operating System, Interrupt….. Enjoy Yours Rasmi Ranjan Nayak………… The Ultimate Power of RAY Beyond Your Imagination Embedded C: 1. How C program works? Ans: #include<stdio.h> #define x 1 // main() { int i; i = 0; i […]


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